Monday, September 6, 2010

My Favorite Smoothies

I got on a smoothie kick a few months back, my friend Michelle introduced me to her whole foods shake, which actually can taste pretty good-and I feel sooo good every time I eat one. Using a bosch blender you can mix up pretty much anything! Whole apples, tons of spinach, grapes, peaches, anything you have on hand. Add a slice of citrus with the peel included and you have a pretty tasty way to get your 5 servings of fruits and veggies in one blast! I do this sometimes, but sometimes I just need a really tasty jamba-like smoothie. It changes depending on what fruit I have. I frequently buy the frozen fruit at wal-mart. Here are some of my favorite fruit to use:
Always bananas, frozen or not.It adds creaminess, and its a great way to use up those extra-ripe ones, you can't tell in the smoothie.
mangos and peaches
mixed berries
And my secret ingredient: doles frozen fruit juice concentrate! I find these on sale at broulims often, and stock up. Any frozen juice concentrate would work though. I add a couple tablespoons of this in and it sweetens it perfectly.
About 1/2-1 cup water depending how thick you like it, I like mine THick.
A tablespoon or two of pwd. dry milk. It adds calcium and makes it nice and creamy, like ice cream. mmmm.
A splash of vanilla
A pinch of salt.

Mix it all up, then once its smooth turn it on full blast and let it go for 30 seconds. This whips some air into it and makes it yummier!

Try it with toast for a delish breakfast!

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